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The process starts with your ideas and feelings!

We create music, videos and projection mapping

to convey your message.
We specialize in entertainment and promotion. As Japanese creators we are familiar with current trends in the Japanese market and
can also create content with a Japanese flavor for foreign audiences. The basic process is as follows.
  • 1Consultation

    Firstly, we listen to your story and learn about why you are interested in creating music and video. We ask you about the intended target audience for your message, and how, when and where you want to show your video.

  • 2Concept design

    Once we have agreed on the content, schedule and budget, we formulate the concept. In addition, we produce music and video samples as required.

  • 3Story making

    We seek to keep the audience engaged and build the story. We suggest scenarios or content for your video and make adjustments as required.

  • 4Finalize content

    We shoot the video and start editing. We fine-tune the content and ask you to approve the draft version of your video.

  • 5Delivery

    After completion, we deliver the final version in your preferred format.