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  • SHIGEZO [Shigezo KAMIMURA] Music Director, Composer

    Born in Osaka. Shigezo composed the music and lyrics for “Niji to Taiyo no Oka”, the theme song for the closing credits of the anime “Ranma 1/2” in 1992. This song debuted on CD on Ko Shibasaki’s cover album “Ko Utau”. Shigezo subsequently moved to Toshiba EMI where he has released two albums. He has composed music for numerous TV and radio commercials, and is the two-time winner of the All Nippon C.M. Broadcasters Association (ACC) award for his work for radio commercials. Shigezo’s major music credits include the game music for Konami’s “Powerful Pro Baseball (PAWAPURO)” and the theme song and insert songs for “Heroine Anthem Zero,” produced by WindThunder Studio, the Taiwanese gaming company. His collaborations for musicals include “Lobo, the King of Currumpaw: Seton’s Wild Animals” (2011), “Thomas the Tank Engine – The Treasure of Sodor Island” (2014), and “Gaspard and Lisa The Musical – Dance Dance Dance” (2018). He wrote the background music for Asahi Broadcasting Corporation’s TV character anime featuring ABCiee! (2021), and was also responsible for background music for “Shibuya March (Shibuya koshin-kyoku” (2020) (directed by Jun Akiyama) and “Jacok the Detective (Keiji JACOK)” which is due to be released in 2022. In recent years, he has also worked on creating music based on recording natural sounds and has released “Paradise Music of the Gods,” a CD supplement for the magazine, Yuhobika (April 2021 issue).

  • OLCO [Olco Eto] Videographer

    Born in Nara, Japan. Gonao founded her own theater company in 2001 and creates stage shows that fuse video, music, and theater. She has devoted her time to video production since 2010, working on puppet animation, corporate promotional videos and music videos. In 2014, she added projection mapping to her repertoire. In 2015 Gonao won the Okazaki Tokiakari Award at the KYOCERA Museum of Art in Kyoto, as well as the ROHM Theater Kyoto Award. In the same year she also organized and arranged the first audience-participation projection mapping event in Minato Ward in Osaka, sponsored by NPO Tempozan Tourism Association. In 2016 she was featured at the Kyoto International Manga Museum’s “Nuit Blanche KYOTO.” Since 2021, she has had a permanent projection mapping installation at the Community Food Hall Osaka Nipponbashi in the East Annex of Takashimaya Osaka. Gonao’s ethos is creating projection mapping with a storyline, often through the incorporation of music and song.In November 2023, the activity name was changed to Olco Eto.

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  • NAMI Dancer, Singer

    Nami started learning ballet at the age of three and then switched to jazz dance when she was 13. Since then, she has performed every year in events and performances at Jazz Dance Studio Haruta. She has also participated in world tours as a dance performer and illusionist’s assistant. As a singer, she performed the theme song “The Lost Shepherd” and the insert song “Blood Pupils in the Wind” for “Heroine Anthem Zero,” a world famous online game by Taiwanese game company Wind Thunder, as well as the insert song “TELL ME WHY” from the movie “Densha-otoko.” In addition, she has sung numerous TV and radio program themes and songs for commercials.

  • Hiroshi HARADA Interactive Contents Creator, Programmer

    Hiroshi has managed his web systems company and been engaged in content development since 1998. In 2010, he experimented with creating interactive content using Kinect. He manages the creation of content for corporate exhibitions, and has recently worked on programming for the robotics sector, including ROS (robot operating systems).

  • teppei Photographer, Videographer, Composer

    Teppei was born in Minoh, Osaka on April 2, 1990. He graduated from Osaka University of Arts. He currently works as a freelance video creator, and has shot and edited music videos for transport companies, house builders, department stores and major artists. He is also a member of the hip-hop group, Umeda Cypher, which regularly performs near the pedestrian bridge at Osaka’s Umeda Station. He specializes in shooting, editing, and music production, mainly using hip-hop techniques.

  • Takeshi MORI Photographer, Videographer, Composer

    Born in 1985 in Osaka. While operating a drone school, he produces videos centered on aerial photography. He is active in a wide range of photography, from aerial photography of the TBS drama “Stepmother and daughter’s blues” to PR movies of sporting goods company, music videos, and photography of politicians.